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Dean Lewis

Dean started Judo again some 4 years later in 1987 when a family friend asked him to join his club. This is when Dean’s love of Judo started. He attended this club for many years under the instruction of Sensei Alan Barker, Sensei Norman Lee and Sensei Jane Clark, as well as attending this club Dean also attended a club in Basford again under the instruction of Sensei Alan Barker.

At this point in Dean’s Judo he trained under the I.B.F. (International Budo Federation) under the legislation of Shihan Martin Clarke 8th Dan, during his time with the I.B.F. Dean attended a vast amount of sports Judo competitions winning countless trophies at national and international level. He was also awarded the Derrick Porter trophy for his achievements in Judo.

In 1992 Dean moved from the I.B.F. Association to T.B.C. (Tokushima Budo Council) under the legislation of マスター(Master) Alf Bates 9th Dan, Dean was at this time also training again at Oak Tree Lane Leisure centre Judo Club with Sensei Lawrence under the B.J.A, (British Judo Association) and at the Chesterfield Judo Club under the instruction of Sensei C. Fletcher 7th Dan, there Dean was also taught by Sensei Akinori Hosaka 8th Dan who worked as the British Judo Council as Chief Examiner and Technical Advisor. It was Sensei Akinori Hosaka who presented Dean with his Bushido Zazen International Society Diploma.

During this time in Deans Judo he took over as senior instructor at Oak Tree Lane Judo Club in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Once Dean took over as senior instructor He associated his club with 4 other clubs all in the Nottinghamshire area, under the name of Hokkaido Judo. Still under the legislation of the T.B.C. The Club went from only 7 students when Dean first took the over as senior Instructor to around 40 students with a mixture of grades from 2nd Kyu to novice. In

1994 Dean and his club along with the rest of the Hokkaido Judo clubs joined The Zen Judo Family and he started his Zen Judo career under the legislation of Shihan McCarthy 8th Dan, Dean attended many teaching and training seminars as this was not only a change of Associations but also a change of Judo styles.

In 1996 Dean had no other choice but to dissolve his beloved club due to work commitments The club was handed over to sensei C. Fletcher 7th Dan. Dean continued to train work permitting but in 2001 after suffering a serious knee injury during training Dean under medical advice had to resign fro Judo altogether.

In 2010 after many years of physiotherapy Dean returned to his beloved Judo. Dean returned to Zen Judo, but this time to a fragmented section of Zen that had been formed by the sad passing of Shihan McCarthy 8th Dan. The new fragment was under the legislation of Shihan Gordon Lawson 8th Dan F.I.M.A.S Dean trained hard to get back to standard working on the syllabus.

In 2011 Dean took on the roll as instructor at Basford Judo club helping out the new senior instructor to grow the club, Dean also
helped Sensei Keith Harby form
the new Zen Judo club in Mansfield
and is one of the instructors at this
club too.

On 19th October 2011 Dean was
awarded his 2nd Dan by Shihan
Gordon Lawson after demonstrating
the requirement for the grade.

In 2013 Sensei Dean unexpectedly took over the running of
both Basford and Mansfield Zen Judo clubs and has been
running the clubs since. On June the 11 2014 dean was
awarded his 3rd Dan after demonstrating the Ju-No-Kata with
Sensei Craig Lawson of Radcliffe zen Judo club, in front of
Shihan Gordon Lawson.

Sensei Deans dedication to the BZJFA took on another role in 2016
when he was made head welfare officer for the association. Dean has
taken on this role with NAKMAS and has done safe guarding qualifications
to make sure the role is done correctly.

2nd dan 3
dean 3rd dan