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Keith Harby

Keith's Judo career started in 1998 at Ratcliff on Trent under the instruction of Shihan Gordon Lawson; over the following 4 years he worked up through the grades and gained his black belt 1st Dan in the February of 2002. Keith now holds his 4th Dan which he was awarded in September 2009.

Keith also hold many other grades in other art forms, some are listed as follows: Dan grades! Black belt 2nd Dan wing chun kung Fu, Black belt 2nd Dan kick Thai boxing, Kyu grades: shaolin dang Lang (mantis fist) kung Fu, kogusoku aiki jujitsu, aikido, boxing, Brazilian jujitsu, tae-kwon-do, Jun fan jeet Kune do), Karate,

As well as being a register instructor of Judo, Wing Chun Kung Fu and Kick Thai Boxing Keith also teaches control and restraint, close protection and self defence. And has instructed professions such as door security, Prison riot squads, body guards and public sector staff.

In October 2011 Keith was presented with lifetime Membership to International World Street Combat Systems Organisation. With this all of Keith’s Dan grades in all three martial arts have been recognised. This was presented to Keith by the UK Judo Director for World Street Combat Systems Organization Shihan Gordon Lawson (F.I.M.A.S). This is a massive achievement in any Martial artist life his grades will now be recognised world wide.

Keith not only loves to train but also loves to pass on his knowledge to his students. Keith’s first senior instructor position within the British Zen Judo Family was in October 2011 when Keith took over the Basford Zen Judo club from the former senior instructor. Keith enjoyed the challenge so much that he has now started a completely new club in Mansfield. Zen Judo has not been in this area for many years so this was a
massive undertaking to get the club up and running.

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When not teaching Keith enjoys training in all areas of marshal arts. He loves his training so much he has built his very own personal Dojo (training hall) at home where he can be found training in many different martial arts. And taking private tuition.

Keith main aim in his martial arts life is to teach and pass on what knowledge he has gained,