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Grading requirments for yellow belt

Grading requirments for orange belt

Grading requirments for green belt

Grading requirments for blue belt

Grading requirments for brown belt

Grading requirments for black belt 1st Dan




The original syllabus requirements was designed by Shihan McCarthy (8th Dan Zen Judo) on forming the Zen Judo Family in 1974, All the techniques within the syllabus have been taken from Dr. Jigoro Kanos philosophy of using the Uke (opponents) strength to your advantage it was also designed to keep all safe and minimise the risk of injury

On the sad departure of Shihan McCarthy in 1995 and the birth of the British Zen Judo Family Association in 2000 now run by Shihan Lawson (8th Dan BZJFA) the syllabus has not changed much and is still based around the same principles. Slight changes however have been made to the Dan grading requirements.

"I HEAR and I forget,
I SEE and I remember
I DO and I understand"
(Ancient proverb)